Rebecca England

Software Development Trainer

Rebecca England - Information Technology Faculty TrainerRebecca England has over 15 years’ experience teaching in both the Higher Education and TAFE sectors; and has worked as a freelance web developer.

She is an experienced program leader, course developer and both a face-to-face and online learning facilitator whom for many years has taught multiple programming languages, mobile app development, and web design and development.

With a degree in Computer Science and a Masters by Research in Information Technology, Rebecca has long been an advocate for introducing the principles of coding to school children and also for encouraging young females to consider ICT as a career option. She remains fascinated with writing code and has a genuine interest in education.

Rebecca’s expertise in her rapidly changing field, enhances our Software Development course. By studying at Australis College, you will gain broad skills enabling you develop your own application, begin your career as an IT Consultant, become a member of an IT firm or agency, or within an IT department at a large organisation.

Get to know Rebecca

What is your professional background?

I have a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Computer Science) and a Masters of Information Technology (by research). Many years ago I started out as a freelance web developer, and also contract taught VET and higher ed. IT courses.

Then in 2008 I accepted a permanent position as an Information Technology lecturer at Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory; here I co-ordinated the software development stream of the Information Technology and Software Engineering degrees. My teaching also included web development.

In 2012, I introduced mobile programming into the suite of units of study on offer at the university – this included development for Android, iOS and mobile web apps.

What do you like most about training students?

I like to help people learn but also like to pique their interest in more learning so that they can become confident life-long learners. Even though my only contact with most students is online, I enjoy getting to know my students well, no matter where they live, and I look forward to our regular contact. It gives me pleasure to keep contact with students long after they’ve graduated and to see them working in jobs that they enjoy and to watch them continue to learn.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Code fascinates me, even in my spare time, especially anything to do with mobile development; and I really enjoy web development too. Join these with a really genuine interest in education and I’m happy.

For the last few years I’ve been taking code to high schools in my spare time: running free Hour of Code workshops for young people who know nothing at all about code and taking teenagers from being just consumers of technology to creators of it. Seeing the wonder on a young person’s face when they first get a computer program to respond to their written commands is quite priceless.

Another thing I really like to do is garden.  While we loved our years in Darwin, our family finally left for Brisbane’s cooler climate late 2015. We missed the seasons and I especially missed all the flowers in spring time. Now that we’ve left the heat of the tropics I am again growing lots of flowering plants and also have a veggie garden again.