Jared Engwirda

‘With two new additions to my family, I needed to make a career change that increased my earning capacity and provided a work-life balance. The decision to study was daunting but, after finding Australis College online, it became easy and straight forward. The course delivery and expert trainers made study so easy. I have to say that Leisa Crew, in particular, was and still is an amazing resource that I can tap into.

Australis helped me to successfully transition from trading as a sander to becoming the managing director of my own mortgage broking business, Sunstate Financial. I have complete confidence in delivering a range of mortgage products and helping customers better manage their mortgage and wealth building. The flexible learning options made it easy for me to manage my work and study loads, and I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of changing careers.

Studying with Australis has been phenomenal—I now have a reason to spring out of bed in the morning and I’ve never been so confident about my future.’