A talk by ‘Roses in The Ocean’ CEO Bronwen Edwards

Students of our community services and counselling faculty, as well as Australis College staff members, were privileged to have the founder and CEO of Roses In The Ocean, Bronwen Edwards talk to them about suicide prevention.

Bronwen spoke of her emotional lived experience with a family member who died by suicide, some of the myths about suicide, as well some key messages to educate people about and remove the stigma that often surrounds this tragic event. You can watch the recording of her presentation below.

Key Messages

  • Most suicides are preventable
  • We need to be able to speak openly about suicide
  • We want a community that knows how to give help, and to get help to prevent suicide.

To find out more about Roses In The Ocean, click here to visit their website, or if you are interested in working in the community, click on the link below.

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