5 Instagram Accounts Every Social Media Marketing Student Needs to Know

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Social Media Marketing has become a world of its own in recent history and with over 600 million active users on Instagram alone, its not hard to see why.

Whether you’re starting a small business or working for a global corporation, social media management and marketing is become a lucrative sector. Here at Australis College we have acknowledged this and in addition to offering a course in Social Media Marketing, we have put together a list of five Instagram accounts worth perusing due to their unique methods of maximising their social efforts.


1. Oreo – 2m Followers

Instagram: @oreo

When you think of Social Media Marketing you rarely think of a major company like Oreo using the platform. Often your mind would go straight to the newest model IT Girl or #bosshunting displaying their glamour shots and photo-shopped edits . However, as Marketing Students for Social Media, it is important to grasp how all brands use this platform to grow their brands.

Who could forget the time Oreo quickly responded to the 2013 Superbowl blackout with their #youcanstilldunkinthedark campaign. The Instagram platform allows fast response direct to customers.

With 2.2million followers, Oreo remains strong today. Using a clever combination of product placement to get the mouthwatering and humorous content to spread their brand identity. Currently Oreo is sharing short videos of celebrities and drones (of all things) ‘dunking’ their cookies in challenging scenarios – providing just the right amount of humor to get consumers laughing without even knowing they’re watching a product endorsement.





2. Netflix – 3.3m Followers

Instagram: @netflix

If there is one thing Netflix does well (obviously there is more than one thing Netflix does well, but for the sake of the argument)… It’s knowing its customers. Always ahead of the game, Netflix started out mailing physical videos to their customers. Jump forward and it’s come along way now leading the market in streaming.

Understanding how people want to consumer their television in our fast paced world is one thing, but also understanding how to entertain these same customers on Instagram (a completely different platform) is another.

Using images tracking 36,000+ likes in less than a week – the provider has tapped into the culture that is ‘Netflix and Chill’ and relates to their consumer by reinforcing attitudes of binge watching and devout loyalty to your favourite shows. They also have the added bonus of unlimited access to our TV heroes behind the scenes, often goofing around and doing what they do best. By showing us ‘sneak peaks’ of everything we know and love, Netflix effectively captures our desires to ‘be a part of something’ and among the inner-circle. What better way to maintain loyalty and satisfaction?


3. Go-Pro – 11.8m Followers

Original Image: @micbergsma

(Trumping Netflix by a whopping 8m Followers).

Now here is a brand that has never forgotten the idea behind both it’s product and Instagram’s inception: Sharing.

With a profile of predominantly user-generated content, Go-Pro has harnessed a self-sufficient machine, which pours in hours of worthy footage daily from its users around the world.

With an unlimited supply of this content, their Instagram is subsequently extremely relevant to their consumer. Additionally, their Instagram is every marketers dream; harnessing highly focused content but at an extremely lost cost.

This cycle of sharing not only gets them endless amounts of content, it continues to reinforce loyalty and inspiration among their consumers with the hope of being featured as a legitimate #GoProHero on the one and only Instagram itself.

Ahh Synergy. It’s a wonderful thing.





4. The Embassy of Kindness – 2,000 Followers

Instagram: @theembassyofkindness

While we jump down to a mere 2,000 followers for this account, The Embassy of Kindness is still another great example of how Instagram can be harnessed.

Designed to bring fellow human beings together to share stories of kindness, this account may seem ‘pointless’ in the scale of things, but in fact their engagement is better than the previous three accounts mentioned here. With over 12% of their followers engaging in the content they are producing (Oreo has less than 5% engagement) they are capturing a small, but relevant market to them.

Additionally, they are engaging in Instameets. Designed to bring together strangers with similar interests (discovered through Instagram) the event has tapped into the notion of sharing yet again, and taken it beyond the digital world. The possibilities here are endless.



5. Five Minute Crafts – 1.7m Followers

Here is another, perhaps surprising, user who harnesses the culture of their brand seamlessly through the use of their Instagram. Generating small, fast and clever craft ideas the brand then goes on to create visually stimulating videos of the same nature. With consistent presentation and atmospherics in their videos these posts not only generate heaps of user views, but also shares! In doing so they are effectively doubling their reach to like-minded consumers within their target market.

Remember, Instagram isn’t just about looking good. It was designed to encourage interesting and inspiring sharing behavior.


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