Top 5 Time Management Tips for Studying

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5 tips to time management while studying

Even the disorganised become semi-organised whilst studying if they desire to succeed. What you study becomes your passion and the desire to achieve your goals kicks in. However organisation goes hand in hand with studying, you have a time table to adhere to, deadlines to meet and results to achieve.

Here at Australis College we understand study time management can be confusing.

Here are our top five tips for time management whilst studying:

1. Create a Schedule

Create an honest schedule for yourself, it is okay to have a personal life whilst studying. Find an organising tool that you like using, whether it is your phone calendar, email calendar or a daily planner. Then prioritise what must be done first, whether it is assignments or your weekly family dinner that your mum might hate you for missing. Be honest with yourself. Allow time to achieve as much as you can with your studies without completely eliminating your personal life.

2. Exercise

Exercising actually clears your head and allows you to process your thoughts. Although you may find yourself tired at the thought of exercise, it is very important to be active regularly. Even if the exercise is walking with a friend, this improves your mental and physical well-being.

3. Avoid Repetition

Sometimes a form of procrastination is repetition. We often find a task that is daunting or we lack understanding of so we re-study or re-visit a topic we no longer need to focus on. Avoid repeating your study, stick to your study plan/schedule.

4. Prepare Ahead

Don’t pretend you didn’t know your exam block was approaching. There was so much notice given to you at the beginning of the semester but we put it in the “worry about it later” basket. You owe it to yourself to plan ahead for your exams and assessment, like you did with your study/ life schedule. This is crucial to avoiding last minute melt downs.

5. Regular Organisation Reviews

You know what? It is actually okay to not nail organising your study/ life in one go. Trial and error works for the best of people, and while you may think that you thoroughly understand prioritising work and your time, but when it came down to it you almost missed a minor deadline?  That is okay! Even the best of us misjudge things which is why it is important to regularly review and assess your study and time management success.

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