All Style – No Substance

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Have you ever been to a presentation or a meeting where the speaker spoke confidently, eloquently or was just down right entertainingly funny?

I remember going to a breakfast briefing and coming away super impressed by the style of the presentation (and I added a few jokes to my own repertoire). I was engaged all through the 30 minutes and got back to work pumped. But not for long!

My boss asked the question – ‘What did you take away from this morning?’

I was at a loss. As entertaining as the session was, there was nothing I could really use from my half hour investment.

It also made me recall the times the presenter was so boring, I struggled to stay awake but took away some informational gems. Sometimes I just ‘fell asleep’ and wasted my time.

Content is King!

It’s the same with Social Media Marketing – it’s all well and good pumping out posts and having great visual appeal, but if your message doesn’t resonate what have you achieved?

For social media, content is created and published with the intention of increasing your website traffic, sales leads or paying customers.

Content also raises awareness of your brand, and positions your brand as a voice of authority in your industry. The more valuable the content is to the viewer, the greater the likelihood that viewers will consume and engage with your content in the future.

Content Marketing

It is important to note that content marketing is not a direct sales pitch. Consumers tend to reject content clearly disguised as advertising or intended to invoke a sale. However, content that assists consumers and is perceived to be of high value can create brand affinity and build trust.

The benefits of content marketing include:-

  • Improved brand awareness/reputation
  • Higher brand trust
  • Improved brand perception (i.e. the industry ‘expert’ / voice of authority)
  • Increased website traffic
  • Longer time spent on a website
  • Increased social media followers
  • Increased email database
  • Higher sales conversions
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Higher brand loyalty

At a minimum, the goal with your content marketing is to achieve ‘earned’ media through editorial coverage, social media hype and comments on your published content.

However, the real popularity of content marketing is related to ‘shared media’. This occurs when your content is of such high value to the audience feels compelled to share it with their networks. If this occurs repeatedly on social media, the content will go ‘viral’, creating virtually instantaneous and rapid exposure for you and your business – at no cost.

Do you consider and create content that makes your social media marketing work? Do you have the right social media marketing balance between style and substance?

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