Australis College Announces New Brand Ambassador

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Brand and Study Ambassador - Henry Frayne

Australis College announced today, their new brand ambassador Henry Frayne- two time Australian Olympian for track and field, and current Business/ Law student.

The ideal candidate for Australis, Henry understands the importance of education as he prepares for life after athletics by committing his spare time to gaining a qualification that will ensure the longevity of a successful career- well after retirement.

The QLD based golden boy, says his studies to date have contributed greatly to the success of his career “When it comes to negotiating contracts, financial control, and identifying business development opportunities, my Commerce and Law Degree has been and asset”, said Mr Frayne.

“Not many athletes understand or see the benefits of obtaining a qualification while they are still competing, however, my knowledge has allowed me to capitalise on my success and ensure I prepare for the permanency of my future”.

Henry Frayne said of the opportunity to support the Australis brand “I currently work as a representative for Adidas, a brand I have worn and loved since I was a kid, and looking to expand and diversify as I prepare for one more Commonwealth and Olympic Games, I wanted to get behind a business that I felt passionately about”.

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“First class education sets children and adults up for a lifetime, it’s an investment into your future. Everyday when I study, I am investing into my life, to ensure I can be the best possible version of myself outside of athletics. That’s the message I want to send children and adults Australia wide by supporting Australis College”.

Commencing his duties as a brand ambassador for Australis College, Henry will be on campus running a short seminar on the importance of work life balance, providing listeners with his tips on how he manages; training, study, coaching and family commitments.

A passionate and driven young man, Australis College is confident that Henry Frayne will inspire and drive the message of the Power of Education in 2016.

For further information contact:

Bess Brennan, National Marketing Manager, 0481 358 471