Benefits of Being a Mature Aged Student

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Benefits of being a mature aged student

Many are discouraged by the fact that they are a full time mother with three children or a tradesmen who knows nothing but trade work. Often the feeling of being out of place is reoccurring in these people. Australis College is compiled of over 50% mature aged students.

Did you know that there are actual benefits for being a mature aged student?

There are in fact more advantages than disadvantages of being a mature aged student.

  • Older students have shown a greater ability to focus
  • have a greater ability to clarify their goals
  • have had real world experience in various scenarios.

Often mature students are observed to use their phone far less in lectures and classes, improving their ability to focus and retain information. This focus increases their class discussion, allowing students a greater understanding of the learning materials.

Mature students often know how to set their goals more accurately.

Why? They have had real world experience, a multitude of jobs and ample time to think of what truly makes them happy. This allows a greater success in setting study/ career goals that are achievable and focused.

Life experience is also a quality that mature students hold which has shown to benefit them. Many of our mature students have families, know about work/life balance, understand political landscapes-even if only basic and they understand key aspects of the economy. This greater understanding allows a faster and sometimes more efficient comprehension of course material and how the theory of this particular topic applies to the economy.

Understandably, attending college again after such a substantial time away from learning is always going to be challenging. Unlike younger students who are already in the learning mindset, our mature students have to resituate their mind again.

At Australis College we do however truly believe that taking steps towards a happier and more rewarding future is essential.

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