Decide on your career pathway with these 4 questions

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Most people say that the career pathway you choose to continue on after your studies is the job you’ll have for the rest of your life. Nowadays it’s becoming more and more common for people to change their career path between jobs, or even to start studying again!

Thinking about the future and figuring out what you’re passionate about can be daunting at times.

‘What is my passion?’ And ‘is this job for me?’ can be challenging questions to answer, leaving people in complete distress.

We often question whether our skill set complements our aspirations and future goals. Your dream is still achievable with the skills you currently possess!

Here are some more helpful questions to assist you in deciding on a career pathway suitable for you.

Which skills facilitate your success?

Identifying the main skills that help you thrive, allows you to categorise job occupations and their accompanied tasks. Think about certain experiences or situations that challenged you and how you overcame these obstacles. By doing this you are able to discover which role is suitable for you to excel in and use your skills to your highest capability.

What can you contribute? – discover your strengths

Recollect the times where you have felt successful, empowered, or energised. All of these experiences contribute to what your strengths are. You want to focus on certain qualities that make you feel strong and in control of your productivity levels. By distinguishing your strengths and what makes you feel stronger, you’re already increasing your problem solving skills which is a crucial skill applicable to variety of circumstances within the workforce!

Can you support others?

Every so often it’s easier to think of ways of helping others instead of focusing on how we benefit ourselves. Teamwork is crucial within organisations and is a trait that employers look for when considering potential candidates. Being able to work within a team not only shows that you’re able to succeed within a multi-disciplinary environment, but also that you’re capable of taking responsibility and can support synergy within the team. It can be tricky to specifically identify what you can contribute to a team, but it’s an important process in figuring how your contribution can empower workplace responsiveness.

What are your career values?

Career values are often neglected when you’re job searching and discovering a pathway to your individual profession. Most of us are focused on matching our skills to a possible career and finding whether there is a correlated relationship between our traits and the assigned tasks to certain occupations. Career values can influence and guide individuals in setting priorities within their career. Some personal values can include respect, recognition or risk taking, all of which can define what’s important in order to be fulfilled in a job. Keep your career values in mind when deciding which career pathway to take.

Finding your one true passion can be overwhelming and difficult, but by asking yourself the right questions and seeking guidance, you can easily start to step toward a fulfilling career and change the course of your employment for the better.

Written by Anja Botic