Case Study: Nicola Scruby – building a business through social media

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Nicola Scruby - social media marketing case study

In November 2014, at the age of 24, Nicola Scruby launched The Unrefined. What originally started as a blog tracking a 30 day sugar-free challenge, The Unrefined has grown to be an internationally recognised business complete with an eBook, products for sale in more than 27 stores across Australia, and in 2016, a Public Relations firm attached as a separate arm. The popularity and strength that Nicola’s brand has gained in under two years is impressive but, more than this, is the fact the she paved her path to success predominantly through organic, social-media driven marketing.

Nicola started her journey in business as a Public Relations (PR) consultant. Being educated in the “old school” methods of marketing and promotion, Nicola knew that reputation, planning, and consistency were the keys to success. She also knew that today’s digitally social landscape had a huge role to play in business. Unlike her previous employers, Nicola firmly believed that the old and new-school methods needed to be combined and that for a business to survive and thrive, strong and consistent social media strategies must be incorporated into the overall business plan.

Frustrated with the restriction that her workplace was enforcing, Nicola made the move to start her own business. By launching The Unrefined initially as a partnership, Nicola was able to follow her convictions without the fear that they might not work. Her firm belief, that people starting a business cannot ignore new media trends, paid off. By embracing social media, she built her brand identity and created a groundswell of support for her products. Opportunities arrived out of the blue through Instagram and The Unrefined quickly established itself as a leader in health and nutrition across six social media platforms.

Nicola’s business success is living proof that the art of engaging people through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat is the new PR, Marketing, and Advertising. Social media marketing works and the results are traceable. The moment Nicola puts up a blog post and shares it across her social media channels, she instantly gets more subscribers, more followers, and generates more sales. Her 34k strong team of loyal Instagram followers contributes to over 40,000 hits to her website per month–the link between social media interaction and sales for her business are undeniable.

The key to running a successful business with social media is planning and executingClick To Tweet

According to Nicola, the key to running a successful business with social media is planning and executing. Give yourself a deadline to achieve your success, plan the steps to take you there and give it all you’ve got!


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