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Community and Counselling Articles

The Australis College blog features a section on our Community and Counselling Faculty.

Community and Counselling Articles

This blog provides handy insights into the Community Services and Counselling sector.

The news and articles here are designed to help students capitalise on their own unique abilities, whilst learning skills and knowledge of how best to assist the disadvantaged within our community.

Our Community and Counselling Articles cover areas such as:

  • What is involved in the Community Services sector
  • Which is the best course for me to undertake to enter the sector
  • What job opportunities are available in Community Services
  • How can I help people by studying Counselling and Community Services
  • How can I be an advocate for someone who needs assistance
  • What’s cultural diversity and how does it affect me
  • What opportunities are there for me to gain a promotion
  • What are the benefits of volunteering
  • How does someone overcome grief and loss
  • How can Domestic Violence best be handled

This is just a sample of the Community and Counselling articles which are published here, with new articles posted on a regular basis so bookmark this page and ensure to return regularly or follow us on Facebook where new articles are posted.

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