Consistency is the Key!

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I admit it! I’m a spasmodic exerciser. I recognise the importance of fitness and keeping the body healthy and it’s always front of mind, but it comes in spits and spurts. My target is to go to the gym five days a week but semi-regularly ‘something comes up’. I’ll have a breakfast meeting or I’ll have a bit of a cold or my friends will want to catch up for a drink etc.

All of a sudden my five days is reduced to three or two or one ……………!

Some readers (I’m thinking personal trainers) will be shaking their heads, others will be saying – ‘it’s better than nothing’. Unfortunately, in the realms of fitness the head shakers are right. And it’s the same in business.

You see most organisations now acknowledge the strategic importance of having a strong social media ‘presence’. However, taking a ‘it’s better than nothing’ philosophy, believe posting ad hoc and inconsistent content will be sufficient.

A common mistake is to open a social media account and attempt to grow a large following, believing that ‘followers’ is all that is required to be successful on social media. When progress is slower than hoped, challenges mount and/or the followers aren’t converting into increased sales, the social media strategy is questioned (as it appears to drain resources without a clear and quantifiable benefit).

Eventually, the social media activity is significantly reduced, or completely abandoned. Sound familiar?

To prevent this occurring ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you trying to achieve? What are your social media objectives?
    • Increased brand awareness?
    • Increased social media followers?
    • Engaged customers?
    • Increased website traffic?
    • Captured sales leads?
    • Increased customers?
    • Retained customers?
  • How will you know if it worked?
    • What key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used to measure effectiveness?
    • What is the value of each KPI?
    • How frequently will you measure KPIs?

The objectives are not mutually exclusive; it is highly likely that setting an objective of engaging customers will simultaneously increase brand awareness and may potentially generate leads and/or increase sales. It is also important to note that virtually all social media marketing will increase brand awareness.

To complicate matters further, each business is likely to have its own distinct objectives and use different social media networks to achieve these objectives. Business A may measure likes, follows and shares on Twitter and Facebook, whereas Business B may measure clicks, comments and conversions.

Do you approach your Social Media Marketing with consistency and dedication? Do you post regularly and schedule to do your Social Media Activity? Is your Social Media Marketing business ‘fit’?

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