Five things you may not know about Business Administration (and why you should!)

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5 things about studying a business administration course

Studying Business Administration can open a world of opportunities

There are many commonly known career outcomes for a person holding a Business Administration Diploma. Typically ideal for organised, customer-service oriented people, the diploma can lead to job openings in personal and executive assistance, administration management, office management, and front desk/reception. While the benefits and job security of these positions are definitely exciting, it’s what you don’t know about business administration that makes it such an appealing course to enroll in!

1. Entrepreneurial outcomes: become your own boss!

Do you have a passion aside from business administration? Maybe you bake or paint in your free time; maybe you have a job as a barista or a fashion assistant and you’ve always wanted to make something more of it. With a BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration, you can take that next step. Learn the skills you need to organise your own business; make connections with industry professionals (your Australis trainers); and develop confidence in your own abilities. Becoming your own boss can be that easy!

2. Never a dull moment: use your skills to your own advantage

A Diploma in Business Administration provides you with a range of transferable skills that you can take with you to different jobs. All industries need quality administration professionals so you’ll never be confined to the one place. If you start as a receptionist at a dentist but soon find you have no interest calming people before appointments, there’s nothing stopping you from changing jobs. Try your hand as an office manager in education, or perhaps a personal assistant in a design firm. Whatever you’re passionate about, you can take your diploma there…you’ll never be trapped again.

3. If money drives you, this course is for you!

The pay scales in business administration vary greatly depending on your industry. If money is your main driver in the work place, you can make this qualification work for you. Have a look around—there are plenty of great sites detailing the differences in pay between position, industry, and amount of experience.

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4. Tech-savvy students hold a great advantage

The constant changes and advances in technology mean that the business world is getting smaller. This doesn’t mean that job opportunities are getting less, but rather that businesses now have the ability to connect with each other all over the world, bringing everyone closer together. Students with the ability to adopt and perfect new technologies quickly will have a lot of advantage in business administration. If you’re all over your social media; can manage sending texts, emails, snaps and holding conversations at the same time; and aren’t afraid of computers, you’ll definitely thrive in this career. If you’re not quite there with all those skills, don’t worry, Australis can help with that!

5. A great gateway to further learning

Not only will completing your diploma give you the confidence you need to engage in further study, but it’s an excellent prerequisite to have when applying. The skills you learn while studying our BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration will provide transferrable skills for higher learning. More to this, it’s an excellent entry to have on your resume. If, while studying, you develop (or rediscover) a passion for Natural Health, Accounting, or even Real-estate, there’s no reason to stop your course. Complete it and become a more appealing applicant—if you think about it, everyone needs to know how to run and manage a business; you’ll be invaluable no matter where your career journey takes you.

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Article by Kelsey Bricknell