Following the Plan

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At one juncture in my life I decided an adult thing to do would be to have a wine collection. The main reason for this was that I had joined a wine club, become overzealous in my ordering and built up a supply of whites and reds.

Unfortunately, they sat around in their original boxes or were lined up against the wall below the staircase. I didn’t think that really constituted a wine collection.

The solution was to purchase some suitable wine racks, which would sit under the stairs – thus creating a ‘wine cellar’!

So off to IKEA we went, returning, many frustrating hours later, with two flat packed, self –assemble 16 x 16 bottle wine racks. My partner and I sensibly positioned ourselves at either side of the garage and began to put together one wine rack each.

I began by reading the assembly plan and then took out each of the pieces grouping them together so that they wouldn’t get mixed up. Before I had even finished getting all the pieces out of the container, I heard the words – “I’m finished!” My partner was proudly standing over her finished product. She hadn’t bothered reading the instructions just ‘did it’. When I asked if she was sure it was right, she brushed me off, grabbed a bottle of Merlot and headed up-stairs, triumphant.

After many more frustrating hours, I finished my wine rack, positioned it next to hers, packed them with wine and headed upstairs. My partner was asleep and the bottle of Merlot empty.

A few weeks later, in the middle of the night, we heard an almighty crash. ‘Her’ wine rack had collapsed, causing several bottles to smash on the concrete floor. Luckily, I had put the expensive wines in ‘my’ rack!

Unfortunately, many businesses take the ‘I don’t need to follow the plan’ approach to their Social Media Marketing strategy. They don’t bother documenting what they will do and/or just undertake their social media marketing on an ad hoc, random basis.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy is a mix of research and activities that need to be conducted. An assembly plan of how to position your Social Media Marketing would include: –

  • identification of leading social media resources to keep up to date with industry change;
  • how to define your business objectives and marketing objectives;
  • examination of your orgnanisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;
  • evaluation of your organisation’s search engine rankings using popular tools like SEMRush;
  • how to conduct a social media marketing audit to identify current and existing social media activity;
  • establishment of a brand identify for social media; and
  • understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure social media marketing effectiveness.

This thorough research and thought positioning creates a solid foundation for your social media marketing strategy and implementation plan.

Defining your strategy is completed in four steps:

  1. Identifying low cost and readily available content sources.
  2. Understanding the full list of social media marketing activities available.
  3. For each social media activity selected, brainstorming a list of strategic ‘ideas’ specific to your organisation.
  4. Upon choosing your best ideas, articulating the activity type, frequency, social media networks used and KPIs to measure whether your strategy worked or not.

Is your Social Media Marketing strategy well planned? Have you documented how you will research and implement your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Do you follow the plan or just hope it all comes together?

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