“Having great trainers made all the difference…”

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Aida Karamujic (Diploma of Counselling)

“I found out about Australis College through my online research. I had looked at a lot of different colleges, but I decided Australis College was the best to suit my needs. Australis College stood out to me because of their flexible course structures and the amount of support I received. The course suited my learning style needs perfectly – I felt comfortable asking questions and receiving help from staff. By far the standout for me about Australis College was the trainers. My trainer was so helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I was getting the most out of my course. When I was struggling and getting behind on coursework my trainer encouraged me to keep going and finish the course. Since receiving my diploma I have been presented with many job opportunities that I’m excited to explore. I was completely happy with my experience at Australis College and I would recommend it to others because for me, having great trainers made all the difference.”