How to Become a Community Services Case Manager

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How to become a community services case manager

A Community Services Case Manager works in the Community Services sector and performs 2 key roles.

  1. Supporting Individuals with Complex Needs and
  2. Managing and Leading Community Services Workers.

Provide Support for Individuals with Complex Needs

The first is to assist individuals within the community to improve the quality of their life and the provide a range of services to them including undertaking an assessment of their needs then coordinating the required services to be delivered.

Case Managers generally work with highly complex situations and as such are either more experienced community service workers or have a very sound knowledge of managing complex individual needs.

Manage and Lead Frontline Community Service Workers

The second role that a Case Manager plays is one of leadership among the practice or organisation within which they work.

They are typically senior leaders within the practice and both promote practice standards in addition to supporting and leading frontline workers.

Case Managers are in high demand and according to the government jobs outlook website ( the demand for Case managers will grow by approximately 19% per annum over the next 5 years and according to the job site Seek, the average salary is in excess of $70,000.

To become a Case Manager will typically require you to undertake either a specialised Diploma, such as the Australis College CHC52015 Diploma of Community Service (Case Management) or upskill through a course such as the Australis College CHCSS00073 Case Management Skill Set.

The role of a Case Manager is a highly rewarding one given that you’re working with both individuals and their complex needs plus leading and managing other frontline community services workers.

If you would like to find out more about how to become a Community Services Case Manager then contact Australis College today on 1300 887 991 and speak with one of our consultants.