How to Prepare for your Exams Efficiently

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Tips and how to prepare for exams

As the term is progressing assessment and exams are looming. The words ‘assessment’ and ‘exams’ are often daunting for students as this is where students feel the pressure of their studies the most. This requires more work, deadlines, organisation and dedication. Here at Australis College we want you to succeed with your studies so we have compiled a short top 5 most important list for exam preparation.

1. Give yourself enough time to study

Some thrive on the thrill associated with ‘cramming for exams’. Others feel they legitimately work better under pressure. Albeit that may be the case for some it is often not the best approach for all of us. Set out a study timetable to prepare yourself, decide which exams require priority or possibly extra study. It is okay to adjust your study timetable as long as there is a balance between all assessments.

2. Organise that study space of yours

To be frank it is rare to find someone who thoroughly enjoys studying for exams, therefore organising your space so it is comfortable and focused is imperative. Do you have enough space to spread out? Are distractions out of the way? Do you have water and snacks? Are you comfortable? Recognise what helps you learn, if you focus better in complete silence then make sure you set up in a silent space.

3. Organise study groups

There is no shame in needing help in some areas of study. Your classmate friend might be better at an element of your course than you are and vice versa. We all have our own strengths which is why studying with others will enhance your learning. As long as everyone in the group is agreeable on focusing and you stick to a study plan this could help you improve on areas of learning that help you improve your exam results.

4. Breaks and Brain food

So in theory snacking on a bag of Doritos and frozen coke sounds like ideal study food. Taking a break to go get a pizza is probably well deserved after hours of study. Did you know that your brain actually works better on healthy food? Drinking water, taking regular breaks and snacking on fruit and nuts will all improve your focus and ability to retain more information. Then take your study group for Pizzas after your exams are over!

5. Plan your exams day

People often forget the importance of planning the actual exam day. Make sure that you plan these things before the actual day, even if it is the night before. Check where your exam is, travel time (including peak hour traffic-add extra time to avoid rushing), check the rules and requirements of what to bring into the exam.

The most important thing to remember is that you are capable of achieving this, you can do it, relax and good luck!