If you don’t know where you’re going any road will get you there!

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When attending a training session once, the presenter asked me to get up and throw a scrunched up piece of paper across the room. Now this was right up my ally! As an ex cricketer and baseball pitcher I was keen to demonstrate my prowess in this skill. In what I would describe as poetry in motion, I hurled the projectile across the entire width of the lecture theatre with incredible style and flair.

The presenter said “You Missed!”

Before I could protest, she went on to say that unless you have a target to aim at, your efforts will almost definitely be wasted.

The same is true of Social Media Marketing.

It is true that with a targeted social media marketing strategy and regular commitment, social media is capable of delivering results that no other media platform can deliver. Over the long term, it also substantially lowers marketing costs – with a large enough network, just one post can drive thousands of visitors to a website and elicit massive sales.

Despite what many think, however, social media is not a ‘free’ platform. It requires a significant ongoing investment of time and resources. As social media marketing grows in popularity, the price of advertising on the mainstream social media networks is rising, making it even more challenging to establish a presence. Results may not materialise for months – or potentially years – after the commencement of the content marketing activity.

Given this, the first step in your social media marketing strategy is to clearly define your objectives:

  • What are your goals?
  • When do you want to achieve them by?
  • How do you measure success?

Answering these questions will ensure all your business stakeholders (such as managers, business owners, shareholders, etc) agree on the objectives. Without this clarity and ‘buy in’ – particularly from senior management – there is a possibility that support may be withdrawn in the future.

The objectives are like the ‘home plate’ the pitcher is targeting or the stumps the cricketer is trying to hit. The more fixed the target is, the more likely it is the throw will arrive at its intended location.

Organisations differ in size, type and structure. A large multi-national business will be very different to a small, local business, and different again to a nationally focused not-for-profit, charitable organisation. To avoid operating in isolation, your social media marketing objectives must align to:

  • business objectives (what the organisation is trying to achieve); and
  • marketing objectives (how marketing will help the organisation achieve its business objectives).

Do you have Business Goals that your Social Media Marketing can assist in achieving? Is your Social Media Marketing missing the mark?

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