How to turn your internship into a job

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Do you want your internship to turn into a job? According to the Wall Street Journal, about 72% of interns received offer letters at the end of their internship, up from 58.9% in 2015. talked to Jill Jacinto to get the scoop on what interns should do to turn their stint into a full time gig!

Be proactive

Jacinto says, “Now, more than ever managers are looking for self-starters. Do not sit back and wait until work is handed off to you. Always seek out ways in which you can help the company. Something as seemingly meaningless as reorganising the break room, sorting out inventory, filing press lists will help the company in a major way.”

Be interested

We’ve already talked about doing more than just the task at hand, but also take a look at the industry of the company you so very much want to work for. Get to know the different roles in the company, analyze your competitors, research the company’s history. You may have just finished school but real life requires homework also.


Is someone going to be out on maternity leave, do they need someone to do check in at an event, or do the social media at a conference? Let that someone be you. Don’t hesitate to raise your arm. Show that you are willing to learn and help the company in various different departments.

Be very clear

You need to make it well known that you would like a job at this company. If you aren’t clear about your objective, how will they actually know? You want to make it known that you want to be more than intern.

Get in their face

But not in a bad way. You should reach out to connect with people at the company on social media but also shake their hands when you are leaving and write a good old-fashioned thank you note.


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