It’s Déjà vu – all over again

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It’s Déjà vu – all over again

One of my pet hates in business and communication is the use of redundant words and phrases. Combinations like ‘reverted back’; ‘absolutely essential’; ‘added bonus’; ‘past history’; ‘free give-away’; and ‘fewer in number’.

Authors have maintained for many years that using more words than necessary to express ourselves can make for bad writing and be confusing to the reader.

However, we may be starting to see a new phenomenon – phrases where one word is considered redundant but it shouldn’t be. Should we being considering what is being “Kentucky Fried” and not just assuming its chicken?

It’s similar with Social Media Marketing.

With the emphasis on the new buzz words – social media, business has forgotten about the marketing. Many consider Social Media as a magic bullet solution to their revenue generating wows and don’t realise the importance of basic marketing principles. It’s like providing the ingredients to a world class restaurant dish but not the recipe. The eleven herbs and spices without the measurements!

Instead of jumping straight into Facebook and Instagram posts, businesses should first consider their needs and objectives. Well considered marketing theories work well alongside social media platforms.

Starting with your Target Market

As an example, the first step in a social media journey is to identify the target market – identifying the group of people towards which the organisation aims its marketing.

It is a critical part of a social media marketing strategy and defines the primary characteristics of the customer, including their gender, age, likes and dislikes, interests, occupation, disposable income, buying habits, loyalty to brands, desired lifestyle, and so on.

Identifying target markets helps in the selection of the most appropriate social media platforms to use, create content that resonates with the audience, ensure a high return on paid advertising formats, and deliver many other benefits.

Failing to clearly define your target market will result in social media activity that is inconsistent, ad hoc and misguided. You may also select the wrong social media network to connect with!

Some marketers and business owners develop a persona that represents their ideal customer, whereas others will conduct more thorough market research, including interviews with customers.

The more comprehensively you understand your customers – their situation, motivations, problems and pain points – the more effectively you can market your products/services and tailor the content you create.

So, does your business approach marketing from a complete perspective, understanding your goals and objectives and then harness the power of social media marketing to drive customers to your doors.

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