Student Success Story – Jiaying Du | Finance & Mortgage Broking Management

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The Australis College team sat down with successful student, Jiaying Du to discuss her time at the College and what she plans to do next after completing her Finance and Mortgage Broking studies.


How did you hear about Australis College?

I heard about Australis College through a friend who is already a mortgage broker.


Why did you choose to study at Australis College?

I chose Australis College due to its two year mentoring program. I knew that this would really help to kick start my career within the industry.


How did Australis College standout for you compared to other training organisations?

It is one of the suggested institutions for mortgage broking and the instructors are very helpful.


Did the course structure and learning style meet your needs?

Yes, I prefer the online learning as it is flexible to my working hours. In some modules, there were chances to speak with Leisa, my instructor on the phone. This is where we would go through some of the role plays for the course.


Were there any aspects of the course you were not happy with?

No, there was not. I enjoyed everything about the course.


How was your experience with your trainer at Australis College?

My trainer was extremely helpful throughout the learning process. Leisa is experienced, interesting and good at explanations. She explains calculations and some aspects of the course in a way that I understand completely. I believe she made the course easier for me to complete by thoroughly guiding and explaining course material .


 Was there anything your trainer did that stood out for you?

Leisa used real life examples that I can relate to and that I remembered instantly. These examples helped me understand course material.


Would you recommend others to study at Australis College? Why/ Why not?

Yes I would highly recommend Australis College. The learning is designed to guide students to better understand the learning materials. There are weekly web tutorials that discuss hot topics of the mortgage broking world,  these are extremely useful.  Also the mentor program for the mortgage broking course will help you down the track in your career.