My Ears are Burning

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Have you ever experienced that tingling or burning sensation in the ears that (supposedly) means that other people are talking about you? The origin of this belief goes back to Roman times when priests paid particular attention to such signs. One such auger, Pliny wrote: ‘It is acknowledged that the absent feel a presentiment of remarks about themselves by the ringing of their ears’ (Naturalis Historia, AD 77).10

An extension of this ancient belief is that burning of the left ear signifies evil and the right ear good. Again, Pliny held that if a person’s right ear burns then he is being praised, but a burning left ear indicates that he is the subject of evil intent.

If the belief had turned out to be true, would it be a good thing?

Whether we would like to know if people are talking about us or not, in terms of Social Media Marketing it is extremely helpful to know what others are saying about your business and your brand.

Social Media Listening Tools

As we know, social media marketing is a powerful and effective marketing tool because it allows the audience to engage with the content and have a one-on-one conversation with you.

However in order to effectively manage that engagement you need to be able to listen to what is being said. If you’re a small organisation with one social media network then you can probably monitor audience interactions quite easily using the native social media reporting tools.

However, for businesses with a large number of followers, or organisations with a large number of customers, the sheer volume of interactions on social media can become completely overwhelming, quickly!

To combat this, ‘social media listening’ or ‘social media monitoring’ platforms have emerged to summarise social media interactions and tell you what is being said about your brand on social media. For large organisations these tools are absolutely vital, particularly to identify a negative backlash that occurs on social media!

These platforms automatically crawl the internet for keywords that you select. Every time one of the keywords appear on a social media network, the tool will send you a notification so you can read the comment, and respond accordingly. Some tools also provide a sentiment analysis that assesses thousands of social media posts to determine the overall sentiment of social media users, whether positive or negative.

There are hundreds of social media listening tools to choose from, ranging from free to very expensive! The good news is that some social media management tools also offer listening/monitoring (e.g. Hootsuite), saving you money and the need for multiple tools.

Selecting the best suppliers will depend on your budget and requirements. One of the top social media listening tools is Google Alerts.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free social media listening tool where you can enter your keywords (such as the name of your organisation), and every time a new post or page is released with that keyword, Google Alerts will send you an email.

Are your Social Media ears burning? Is it your left Social Media ear or your right Social Media ear? Are you using Social Media Listening tools to listen to what people are saying about you?

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