From Baker To Masseur: Studying Massage In Brisbane

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From Baker To Masseur- Study Massage Brisbane

After finishing ten days straight with a 16-hour shift, Baker Cory Richman decided enough is enough and decided to brainstorm new career options with his apprentice.

Three months later Mr Richman found he had gone from kneading dough to kneading bodies as he started his massage course at Australis College.

After researching massage courses that focussed on practical as well as theory, Cory decided to study at the Australis College Brisbane Campus. Which also meant leaving Adelaide with his partner to follow his passion.

One thing you realise when you meet 24-year-old Mr Richman is he does not do anything by halves; he is passionate, energetic and dedicated. So much so Mr Richman has already begun work on putting in place his transition plan to start his own business after his studies conclude.

“My goals are simple, I want to own my own business and be my own boss, get married and have a family, and my new career in massage will help get those goals,” he said.

Mr Richman obviously has a gift with the use of his hands.

“I was an excellent baker but the instant feedback and satisfaction you get from giving a good massage is much more rewarding than being a baker,” Mr Richman said.

Mr Richman also speaks highly of the trainers in his course.

“I am excellent with my practical assignments, but I will be honest and say I struggle more with the theory. However, after talking with my trainers, they know that is my weakness, and they support and encourage me through as much as they can. And they make it fun,” said Mr Richman.

Remedial Massage Trainer Martha Mc Daniel said, “Cory is not our average student, he has made some huge life changing decisions to undertake study at Australis College, and his passion and determination shines through in his study and assessments. If Cory’s determination continues we are confident, he will be a success after he completes the course.”

According to Mr Richman, the hardest part about the course was not actually the course; it was balancing the demands of work.

“I find the course fun and informative, and this helps me get through the thick text books and reading, but it is balancing work around study that is the hardest. I won’t lie, it is tough.”

Mr Richman jokingly adds, “The secret to managing the workload, study, and time with your partner, is no sleep!”

A career in massage is a great way to supplement an existing income, or like Mr Richman is doing, create a business that enables you to have a more rewarding and satisfying career.

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