Herbal Medicine and Hyperthyroidism

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Quite early on in my days in clinic practice I was approached by a client who had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  I remember this case as it helped to boost my confidence as a practitioner, and reaffirm that herbal medicine really does work (of course!)


The thyroid gland is located in the neck and regulate the body’s metabolism.  In simple terms, it determines your rate of metabolism – how quickly or slowly chemical reactions and processes occur in the body.  Put another way, it influences the rate at which you burn energy.  If the thyroid gland is underactive, everything slows down.  You feel depressed and put on weight.  If the gland is overactive, everything speeds up!  You might think that is a good thing, particularly if you want to lose weight, but let’s see how it affected my client.

The symptoms

My client was a female in her twenties.  Having an overactive thyroid gland meant that she felt continually stressed and anxious, especially at work, and she would find it hard to concentrate.  She also suffered insomnia.  The doctors were not intervening yet, but surgery was being considered.

The prescription

My prescription was very simple and consisted of a herbal formula that I made up to be taken 3 times / day.  She also bought a herbal tea good for the Ayurvedic Vata constitution.

The result

She returned within a month for a repeat prescription.  She’d had a blood test and seen the doctor again and her thyroid levels had reduced and were normalising.  Medical treatment or surgery was no longer considered necessary.  More than that, she felt better, was less anxious and calmer at work, and no longer had such problems with insomnia.

For me it was a great experience to be able to change somebody’s life for the better – simply, quickly, effectively, cheaply, and naturally!


Article by Martin Stone
Head of Faculty
Natural Health