Networking While you are a Student

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How to Network while a student

Networking is one of the most important yet undervalued opportunities to further your personal and professional development. Having contacts within your industry can lead to gaining better or future job opportunities, skill development and direction. At Australis we strongly encourage our students to network whilst they are still at college to create professionalism and opportunities for when they complete their studies.  The following are our top three tips to networking whilst studying at Australis College.

1 – Start with Your Current Network

Starting with your current network and surroundings is probably one of the simplest but effective ways to begin your networking. Look at who is around you, at Australis your trainers are not only here to teach but they are here to help you and they also have real world contacts. Network with these people, your classmates. You never know who they may know that can be of assistance to you.

2 – Take on an Internship

Unfortunately for students who work and study full time this may not be practical, however for those with some spare time this would be really beneficial for networking and skill development. An internship teaches students practical skills, gives industry insight and also creates industry connections. Often students who intern and excel get offered jobs or at the very least are given great recommendations.

3 – Invest in People

Investing your time in people is as good as an investment as your tuition. Why not invest in people relative to you, give them time. Put yourself out there and offer to help their business out. Even if it is something that is relatively as small as speaking to them about their business concerns, being a place to vent. You may not necessarily be about to help that person out but this creates a relationship, therefore a network contact.

You just never know who may be around you and willing to help you further yourself.

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