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How studying a project management course can help your career

How a project management qualification can help your career

In Australia the construction industry is the third largest sector supporting the economy. With producing 8% of the nation’s GDP (Gross National Product), it’s an industry continually developing and increasing with over 330,000 businesses in Australia. There is a constant demand for infrastructure and capital stock due to economic, population and technology growth. This foundation supports the supply chain for construction as there are constant cycles and policies affecting residential/organisational buildings within society. Studying project management at Australis College will allow you to develop skills to improve the future prosperity, productivity and growth within this industry.

The BSB51415 diploma of project management that is offered at Australis will prepare you for real life experiences through the development of skills to lead, implement and evaluate projects within the workplace. It’s a great career pathway that allows you to experience a variety of tasks, dealing with clients and always encountering with new involvements and practises on a daily basis.

Completing a project management diploma will help you learn the fundamental skills of working in projects including:

  • Planning/managing effectively projects in relation to the quality, resources, cost and time
  • Risk management, assessing and performing a cost benefit analysis
  • Communicating and negotiating with stakeholders in relation to project plans
  • Dealing with contracts and providing solutions to occurring issues
  • Documentation of a projects timeline and progress
  • Development of leadership skills in order to allocate and manage work

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This industry is constantly changing and requires diligent project managers to steer construction in the right direction.

Due to the diverse nature of project management the career titles may vary within different sectors, however, the career opportunities available upon completion of this study include:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Team Leader
  • Contract Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Procurement Officer

These career opportunities all correlate with the consecutive structure each project possesses. If you’re organised, possess leadership traits, willing to take on a challenge and want to embark on a new adventurous career pathway, then project management is for you! Australis offers vast opportunities for you to increase your knowledge and provide industry contacts to further enhance your career pathway in project management. For more information check out the course structure of Diploma of Project Management on our website.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on this new career pathway that turns ideas into reality!

Written by Anja Botic