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The Australis College Blog is home to study tips, faculty news, helpful hints and lots of valuable information to help our students get more from their study. We also have a range of guest writers so stay tuned for guest blog appearances as well as other interesting content. Please browse and share our articles below.

The articles within the blog are designed to provide you with general information about studying, including a range of ‘How-To’ tips around getting the most out of your course and studying in general. It also covers articles on specific topics, which are designed to provide you with free information, learning and ways to implement this information into your life and/or your business.

Below is a list of key topic areas and direct links to related articles:

Registered Training Organisation Australis College, this year are leading the Suit of Change campaign by providing two Australis Scholarships in areas of Business, Financial Services or Counselling as part of our Community Involvement Initiative. The Suit of Change campaign is …

How to Prepare for your Exams Efficiently

Posted on , in Study Tips

As the term is progressing assessment and exams are looming. The words ‘assessment’ and ‘exams’ are often daunting for students as this is where students feel the pressure of their studies the most. This requires more work, deadlines, organisation and …

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