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We started, we became, we are now.

In 2001, Andrew Hetherington – Managing Director of Australis College co-founded and launched Intellitrain Pty Ltd, a small business specialising in Finance and Mortgage Broker training in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Fast forward 7 years, and the nimble finance training business, now operates Australia wide under the trading name of Australis College, offering nationally accredited training in the areas of; Aviation, Finance, Business, Community Services, Natural Health and IT.

Australis College has been a significant contributor to the education of the 2.2 million students Australia wide who undertake VET course each year. Australis provides innovative training to meet the needs and competiveness of the global economy. Putting student needs at the heart of all decisions, Australis has contributed to the 100,000 students who graduated from the VET sector in 2015, by providing compliant, unique courses, with the flexibility students require to achieve their desired career outcome.

The VET sector has been built on the ability of its training provider’s to adapt and evolve their programs to meet the needs of both students and industry alike. To this end, in 2016 Australis College launched its Enterprise Solutions offering.

Australis’ Enterprise Solutions is a uniquely designed training system that supports jobs and innovation, through a suite of programs and services which are highly relevant to organisations seeking to enhance their market presence, through developing their workforce capability and intellectual capital.

Mr Andrew Hetherington said of Enterprise Solutions “The training model has been built on an equitable, high quality future for working professionals to meet the robust demands of corporations, who now, more than ever, seek expertise, knowledge, skill and flexibility from their employees”.

Mr. Hetherington continued “The offering incorporates premium and professional solutions, with premium continuing to service our VET FEE-HELP market, whilst professional offers existing workers the skills and knowledge they require to meet the evolving demands of the labour force market in real time”.

“There is no doubt, the VET sector has taken a beating in the past 24 months, but Australis continues to be adaptable, nimble and ready to meet the needs of the training sector through our extended education model” he said.

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Bess Brennan, National Marketing Manager