Why study Project Management?

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Project Management as a discipline is useful in industries as diverse as software, construction, pharmaceuticals and aviation.

It provides you with the valuable knowledge on how to plan, organize and communicate with team members across multiple projects.

Working as a Project Manager gives you ultimate responsibility to deliver a specific result, within budget, within an agreed time and at the right quality.

In addition to learning useful skills, studying Project Management provides the confidence and capability of understanding your duties and responsibilities in the work force.

Time management has never been so important – with ever increasing workloads and deadlines. Having the skills to manage, project plan, delegate and time manage your teams work efficiently and effectively gives you the ability to ensure goals and objectives within a business environment are delivered on time, and to the desired budget.


Why choose to study Project Management?

·         Project Management is an in demand profession with tremendous growth

·         You can work within a wide variety of industries

·         You will learn the skills required to increase efficiency and productivity for your business your organisation

·         You will acquire a skill set that will last a life time

·         Studying Project Management will not only enable you to progress in your career but it can open doors to other professional opportunities


At Australis College, our Project Management Diploma provides you with the skills and knowledge required so you can capably lead the development, implementation and evaluation of a project from start to finish.

This course is now offered at a Professional and Premium price point. This extended education model is targeted to the working professional, so is perfect for those already working within the industry looking to upskill their current expertise.

If you are interested in studying Project Management, or want more information on our Premium and Professional offering, please contact Australis on 1300 887 991.