What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and what can it do for me?

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Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL, is the process of mapping your experience against an individual unit(s) of competency within a course to be awarded part or all of your qualification. It is a skills recognition process and is often also referred to as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

The benefit of using RPL, it that you can use your work experience and/or prior knowledge to obtain a Nationally Accredited qualification at a fraction of the cost and time.

Who is eligible for RPL?

Anyone who has existing skills or knowledge through relevant prior study and work life experience including paid and volunteer work. If these skills and experiences match the requirements of the course subjects, then you can gain credit through RPL.

So how does RPL work?

  • Obtain an RPL application form and submit your application with supporting evidence to the Australis College Student Services team
  • If eligible, Student Services will contact you with the adjusted course cost and you will be sent an RPL kit for each unit of competency selected
  • Student completes and submits competency RPL
  • An interview is performed if required to cover any evidence and competency gaps
  • Decision is determined and Student Services finalises enrolment.
  • You will receive a statement of attainment for all the units of competency deemed competent through RPL.

In order to complete your full qualification, gap training may be required to complete any additional units of competency. This can be done by enrolling into the regular Australis College course.

What type of evidence is needed for my RPL assessment?

The evidence to determine your RPL assessment can be provided from current or past employers, references from supervisors as well as witness testimonies and reports. This can also include resume’s, performance appraisals, work samples and portfolio of works, video and photographic evidence, education and training qualifications, policies and procedures and job descriptions.

How long will the RPL process take?

Once you have sent through your RPL assessment criteria, you’re application will be lodged for processing. The time period for having the qualification issued, generally only takes a couple of weeks. It really depends on how quickly you can collate and submit your evidence.

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