Star Student Graduates from Australis College

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Simon Yeh - Australis College Finance and mortgage broking graduate

Star student Simon Yeh, has recently been presented with his completion certificate for a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management from Australis College, and he has already hit the ground running by starting his own business.

Simon completed a FNS50315 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management while still working as a Project Manager for a major engineering organisation.

Mr Yeh said, “The qualification helped me gain the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to work in a variety of roles including the establishment of my own finance and mortgage broking business.”

The name of Simon’s new mortgage broking business, Finance Engineering Australia, is inspired by his background in engineering.

Mr Yeh added, “Finance Engineering Australia offers a unique service to our clients called an ‘Engineered Finance Solution’ where our Finance Engineers design and develop a lending solutions that will enhance our clients’ ability to grow as well as maximise their return on capital, at Finance Engineering Australia, we call this process ‘Finance Engineering’.”

Finance Engineers are dedicated to their clients’ prosperity and growth. They draw upon major project financial management experiences as well as broad financial product knowledge to structure a personalised solution that ensures the most effective funding solution for their clients when it comes to investing, projects, business, lifestyle and wealth.

Simon says that selecting Australis College as his RTO of choice was a “no brainer due to the in-house industry knowledge, mentoring opportunities, course structure and flexible learning options,” which allowed him to successfully complete his studies whilst working full time.

Simon largely credits his success in mortgage broking to the Australis College team, and in particular Senior Trainor and Assessor Leisa Crew. Leisa has been in the finance industry since 1987, specialising in mortgage broking, and now has a particular focus on training new brokers entering the industry.

Mr Yeh said that “Leisa has been an ongoing mentor for me, from my initial interest in the course through to my go to market strategy for Finance Engineering. Leisa’s mentoring support has continued, even after completing my study at Australis College”.

Mr Yeh continued “I recommend aspiring students to study mortgage broking at Australis College, the unlimited support and exceptional course content, guarantees a high calibre of graduates” he said.

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