Student Health – Healthy Tips During Tertiary Studies

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Healthy Tips for Student Health During Tertiary Studies

As students we tend to become lazy and unmotivated to stay healthy amid the stressful period of multiple exams and assessments. With due dates and assessment items constantly on our minds we barely think (or have time to!) about our health and ignore what we’re doing to our bodies! It’s crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order for our brain development and cognitive functions to mature and perform to the best of our ability. Here are a 5 tips to help you stay healthy during your tertiary studies!

1.       Incorporating healthy foods in your diet

Following a nutritious and healthy diet is important as it fuels our bodies and brains! It can be difficult to eat healthily as it’s tempting to have that extra slice of cake and eat junk food during times of stress. Often when we’re stressed we tend to binge eat as our appetite is stimulated a.k.a wanting to eat anything and everything under the sun. Combining a balanced diet incorporating dairy, fruits, vegetables and protein is essential in providing nutrients to our bodies and is perfect for study breaks.

2.       Importance of Sleep

Pulling an all nighter may seem the better option when cramming for an exam or doing an assignment the day before it’s due. Yet do we really think of the harmful consequences to our body? Being tired while staying awake to do assessment not only affects our productivity levels due to sleep deprivation, but it makes you even more stressed due to the hormone release of cortisol (adding extra stress!) and decreases your metabolism. Sleep is an important process for memory development and improving long term memory. Students who are sleep deprived often develop anxiety which can overall affect their performance. Aiming to sleep for 7 -9 hours per night can improve your health and capability to study. Plan a sleeping schedule to stay on top of your studies and include daily naps if needed!

3.       Exercise more!

Having a busy study schedule can make students shy away from staying active as it’s considered a lower priority than studying. Including at least half an hour of exercise during assessment period can help you clear your mind and revitalize your body .

‘Create a balance between exercise and study – bring your friends and workout together!’Click To TweetExercising is a stress reliever as happy hormones (endorphins) are released making you feel much better and refreshed afterwards. Going outside and getting fresh air helps with concentration and staying alert!

4.       Take Breaks!

For you study session include breaks within your schedule. It’s vital to take breaks as it allows your brain to absorb the information just processed and prepares you mentally for the next study sesh to go! For instance take a 10 minute break for every hour spent studying and do something else to get your mind of it (eg watching tv, checking your phone, spending time with family). Make sure your phone is completely silent to avoid distractions when studying.

5.       Go out

When assessments get crazy all you want to do is stay home and hibernate until it’s all over. Being bombarded with assessment can make us go a little crazy #send help. Don’t isolate yourself and ignore your friends and family when the assessment load gets full on. Sending them a text message or organising to get food during the morning is a healthy change. Enjoy life as it is as the exams and assignments will eventually pass so go on and plan that next coffee date!

Use these 5 healthy tips during your tertiary studies to stay on track and help you achieve your academic goals!


Article by Anja Botic