Student Success Story – Bonnie Pawlowsky

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Bonnie Pawlowsky initially found out about Australis College because she was looking at studying her Diploma of Financial Planning and was doing online comparisons with other providers. A few weeks into her research she decided that she didn’t want to be a financial planner, Bonnie instead decided to focus on lending within the Finance Sector. She therefore went on to complete a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking with Australis.

Australis College stood out as the provider of choice as our student services team were extremely helpful in assisting Bonnie throughout the enrolment process.

Bonnie said “the structure of the course was easy to follow and everything flowed in an easy understandable manner’

Her journey was made easier with the help and support of our trainer Leisa Crew. “Leisa helped me every step of the way” Bonnie added.

“Leisa quickly became my mentor. It was so easy to chat with her. She went above and beyond to ensure I was doing well, I understood the content and was managing assessments well. Leisa made herself available to assist me at all hours and nothing was too much to ask. It wouldn’t have been half as great as it was if I didn’t have those qualities in a trainer.

Within 3 weeks of graduating, Bonnie landed a position as a Quality Assurance, Claims and Life Insurance Sales Coach for an International Insurance Company. “I was offered two other positions more in line with the course, but chose this instead. Although this isn’t in line with the context of the course, I am looking for some additional work in loan writing.”

Australis College Finance and Mortgage Broking Trainer Leisa Crew said,  “Bonnie was such a pleasure to train as she had a genuine thirst for knowledge and a clear focus on improving her qualifications and ultimately job prospects.  This made being her trainer really enjoyable as she was self-motivated and challenged herself to learn new concepts, problem solve and conduct research where needed.   These are excellent skills to develop in the finance industry and put her in a good position to seek out quality employment opportunities with her new found competencies.   The Diploma created her own personal “value add” which showed potential employers her passion for learning and self-improvement.”


*For privacy reasons, the image presented is not the featured student*