Student Success Story | Nathan Wright Kicking Goals On And Off The Field

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It isn’t often you get to kick goals with your professional sports career and your study but that is exactly what St Kilda AFL star Nathan Wright is doing.

Mr Wright is a dogged defender for the St Kilda Football Club and he applies the same determination to his studies in the Diploma of Leadership and Management at Australis College.

Ever since he was a little boy, Mr Wright has always had a love for sport and in particular AFL. This love for sport is also what Mr Wright wants to do after his football career and he is already taking steps to establish his own personal training business so when the day comes where he has to hang up the professional football boots, he is fully prepared to make the transition.

Mr Wright understands the importance of study and said he wanted to get a few years of study under his belt before the end of his football career and starting early was important.

The Leadership and Management Course is helping Mr Wright make the dream of owning a successful business come to reality and the flexible learning and the excellent reputation of the trainers were two of the main reasons Mr Wright chose Australis College over other providers.

“My former school teacher and footy coach Ben Magee and a couple of others at the club spoke highly of Australis College, so after doing my own research into a number of providers, I ended up choosing Australis College, and it has been great,” said Mr Wright.

“I really needed an institution that could give me a flexible approach to my study. With footy training and playing schedules it can be pretty full-on and at different times of the day, so the flexibility and the access to course information online is really good,” added Mr Wright.

The quality and professionalism of Australis College is also something Mr Wright has found.

“Everything about Australis College is professional and legit, the website, the people. The quality and support of my trainer, Julie Aspin is a stand out. Julie is a great trainer and is always available if I need to ask questions about course material, they are only ever an email or phone call away” said Mr Wright.

Playing professional AFL and balancing study has added benefits for Mr Wright, he said the study helps him focus on and off the field.

“Studying gives me a work life balance. When I have a few hours off training I can take my mind of football and I can knuckle down on a bit of study. Study also means my mind can better focus on the field” Mr Wright added.

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Study also keeps Mr Wright’s brain active during injury periods. He says, “There is rarely anything good about being injured, but if there is an upside it means I can get in a bit more study and do a few assessments.”

Mr Wright recommends studying and when asked the best way to sum up studying at Australis College Mr Wright said, “Professional and welcoming.”

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