Student Success Story – Rosemary Lane – Counselling

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After learning about Australis College through Top Notch Learning, Rosemary Lane decided to take the next step in her learning career by studying a Diploma of Counselling.

“Australis College stood out from the rest as the staff were very friendly and were willing to take time to explain things I was having problems with,” explains Rosemary.

“As the work was explained to me, I found it easier to study and do the assessments in in a timely manner”.

Rosemary’s trainer Michelle was always ready to listen to any problems Rosemary was having and made things clear so the study was manageable. It was this personal experience with the college that Rosemary highly recommends to others whom are looking to study.

“I am very thankful to Australis for giving me the chance to complete the course. I know that when I am ready, it will enable me to get a job as a counsellor in the future.”

Wendy Webber, Head of Faculty for Community Services and Counselling says that Rosemary was an amazing student and her efforts go to show that hard work and perseverance pays off!