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Study Tips

Make the most of your study time with these great study tip articles.

Getting the best from your study time is critical to your success as a student.

This section of the blog is full of handy tips and hints to help you get more from study and so you get the best results from your hours of dedication.

5 Tips to Help Balance Study and Life

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1. Stick to a schedule Having a schedule ensures that you’re using your time as efficiently as possible. Your schedule should outline your study times, work schedule, gym classes or any functions or events you have to remember. Having a …

Study Tips for the New Year

Posted on , in Study Tips

Whether you’re returning to study or starting a course for the first time, here are some tips to help you make the most of your study time! Start with a positive attitude Starting a new year of study can be …

Managing your stress levels during study One thing that’s a part of every students life within tertiary study is stress- it’s inevitable! We’re constantly bombarded with exams, assignments and deadlines no wonder we’re always worrying and procrastinating 24/7. Managing stress …

Multitask like a pro with these 3 tips!

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Students these days are often accused of multitasking, as if it’s a bad thing. People seem to think that if you’re juggling a lot of things at once, you’re not giving your full attention to anything. While this may be …

Top 5 Time Management Tips for Studying

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Even the disorganised become semi-organised whilst studying if they desire to succeed. What you study becomes your passion and the desire to achieve your goals kicks in. However organisation goes hand in hand with studying, you have a time table …

How to Prepare for your Exams Efficiently

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As the term is progressing assessment and exams are looming. The words ‘assessment’ and ‘exams’ are often daunting for students as this is where students feel the pressure of their studies the most. This requires more work, deadlines, organisation and …