Studying full-time while working, can it be done?

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Studying full-time while working

Often people are deterred by the thought of further study due to their professional circumstances, they have to work.

We often hear of University students saying that they definitely cannot work full time whilst studying and even struggle to work part time. This proposes the question in many of us, can you study and work at the same time? Absolutely.

Studying and working is not only a feasible option, it is a very manageable option. It goes without saying that some sacrifices may need to be made to your schedule and time management is a must. For those who wish to study and work full time, it requires less going out on the weekends and a lot more dedication to studying.

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To successfully study and work simultaneously time management is a crucial element. Planning your study schedule on a daily, weekly and monthly time frame will help you get into a working rhythm for your studies.  When planning your study schedule keep in mind that you will need to be refreshed and have had sleep to attend work the next morning.

There will be struggle, tiredness and days you feel that giving up studying or your job is the only option to make it through. Remind yourself that this is okay. It is okay to need a break from study even if it is as small as grabbing a coffee at a café, visiting a friend or walking your dog. These little breaks, refresh the mind and enhance your positivity towards your busy schedule.

Remember that time is your friend and time is manageable. People often view time as their worst enemy and it can be, however time really isn’t a negative factor unless you can’t manage time to suit your needs. You are in control here. Make the deadlines and conditions suit you.

Studying and working full time may seem daunting but with a clear head and a clear plan anything can be accomplished. At Australis many students are in the same position as you are. Don’t let your circumstances interfere with your goals and happiness.