“Studying with Australis College was the best decision I ever made…”

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Before I started my course with Australis College I was studying a teaching course part time and taking care of my family as a homemaker. I also volunteered as a parent helper at my children’s school. I found that my time was stretched too thin between study and taking care of my family and I needed a course that was going to be more flexible and able to suit my needs as a mum. I chose Australis College because they were the only school that offered me assistance when I needed it the most. I was considering changing direction with my career and no other organisation offered me advice or asked about my goals. For six months I felt unsure about my future, but thanks to the lovely team at Australis I realized that my passion for helping others was perfectly suited to studying a Diploma of Counselling. They gave me a range of options and helped me work out a study plan that suited my personal needs. Studying with Australis College has been the best decision I have made. The staff are wonderful, the tutors are very supportive and helpful with all my needs. There was always someone there to talk to if I needed assistance. To those thinking of studying with Australis College, I would highly recommend it. Call and speak to someone from the team, they will be happy to help and will take the time to assist your needs. I’m glad I did.

-Kylie Cristini, (Double Diploma of Counselling)

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