Suit of Change Gains Momentum

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Australis College and Gold Coast Member of Parliament Jann Stuckey have thrown their support behind the Suit of Change campaign by donating suits and providing scholarship opportunities.

Now in its second year, Suit of Change take pre-loved men’s suits and tailor them to fit men looking to build their confidence and put their best foot forward but who cannot afford a tailored suit or access to other grooming services.

Suit of Change Founder Mark Ferguson said, “When a man puts on a suit that is tailored just for them and they look at themselves in the mirror you can instantly see a new confidence come over them. They stand straighter, walk with pride and the new confidence then translates into other areas of their life.”

Men fighting depression, new immigrants and refugees are among the many beneficiaries of the Suit of Change Campaign, helping them take a big step towards a fresh beginning.

Mrs Stuckey said, “My husband and I are proud to support such a worthwhile initiative that not only gives new life to a pre-loved suit but also gives confidence to the new wearer.”

The Suit of Change campaign culminates with Suit of Change Day which takes place on 19 May, with various locations around Brisbane and the Gold Coast as drop-off points where people can make their suit donation.

Australis College is also supporting the Suit of Change campaign by offering two scholarship opportunities.

Australis College Managing Director Andrew Hetherington said, “The scholarship opportunities from Australis College provide Suit of Change candidates with the opportunity to further their skills and confidence to help them with employment prospects.”

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