Australis Scholarships drive Suit of Change

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Australis College Scholarship with Suit of Change charity

Registered Training Organisation Australis College, this year are leading the Suit of Change campaign by providing two Australis Scholarships in areas of Business, Financial Services or Counselling as part of our Community Involvement Initiative.

The Suit of Change campaign is now in its second year and is being bolstered by support from all corners of the community with the aim to collect 2,500 pre-loved suits and redistribute them to men who need assistance to look their best for job interviews.

Suit of Change brings together the corporate community from the Gold Coast and Brisbane with charities such as Suited To Success and St Vincent de Paul to ensure disadvantaged men look and feel good as they embark on a new journey in their lives.

Suit of Change creator and owner of Wil Valor in Brisbane Mark Ferguson said, “Many disadvantaged men do not have the clothing to look good for a job interview and often miss out on opportunities to change their life. A job can deliver a huge confidence boost and it can help society to better combat issues of depression, suicide and domestic violence”.

“Good clothes, looking and feeling good is just one of the many important steps that propel the unemployed or refugees down the path to a new life,” said Mr Ferguson.

Australis College is getting behind a truly remarkeable inaitive by providing two scholarship opportunities as well as, a number of staff providing pre-loved suits to the cause.

Australis College Managing Director Andrew Hetherington said “This is a wonderful initiative that has so many positive dividends for the community. We are proud to add another dimension to the campaign through education opportunities”. To learn more about the Australis College Suit of Change Scholarships visit