Australis College & Western Sydney University Pathway Agreement

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Australis College now offers another step towards furthering your career in conjunction with Western Sydney University.

If you wish to continue your education at University, some Australis College courses now give you credit for the work you’ve done for entry into Western Sydney University.

This pathway agreement will help you in taking the next step in your education and will enable you to reduce your study load and the length of your University course as well as your HECS debt.

Western Sydney University’s agreement with Australis College enables our graduated students of Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) and Diploma of Leisure and Health (CHC53415), entry into Western Sydney University subject to meeting their English Proficiency standards for the Degrees listed below:


Australis College Course Western Sydney University Degree
Diploma of Community Services CHC52015 Bachelor of Social Science 1667, Bachelor of Social Work 1666, Bachelor of Community Welfare 1665, Bachelor of Health Science 4656
Diploma of Leisure and Health CHC53415  Bachelor of Health Science 4656


You can view the full agreement here.

80cp = 35% of a full 3 year course (full 3 year course = 240cp)

These Degrees are face to face and the student will need to live in Sydney to attend.