Where’s the Remote

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Do you remember the advent of the TV remote control? Before these devices, television viewers would have to get out of their chairs and physically walk to the set to change channels! – oh the humanity! We became so use to the remote that if it went missing there was a period of blind panic, thinking we wouldn’t be able to watch our favourite program that evening.

Then came the era of the home entertainment system – the combination and connection of: the Television; Amplifiers; Video Recorder; Music Players; Speaker systems; and Game Consoles. Each of the components came with a remote control and they needed to be used in a specific order to ‘fire-up’ your Home Entertainment System. You needed a Master’s Degree to undertake the process and if you got it wrong, you’d have to make the embarrassing call to the ‘Cable Guy’ to get it fixed. If you lost one of the remote controls you were truly stuffed.

Then came the Universal Remote – Hooray!

Social Media Marketing has gone through the same type of journey.

With the emerging existence of multiple social media networks, marketing across these networks typically requires managing: multiple logins; content marketing strategies; brand tones; and customer engagement tactics. The volume of data available, and the number of networks and tools being used simultaneously, presents a challenge in itself.

Fortunately, social media management platforms (SMMPs) have emerged to simplify the social media marketing process – Hooray!

Social Media Management Platforms

These platforms are automation tools that allow you to access multiple social media networks through the one login and dashboard. They usually allow content to be scheduled ahead of time, which means that social media posts can be batched, greatly increasing your efficiency and maintaining consistent posts.

SMMPs can also provide suggestions for new third party content you can share on your social media networks, reducing the time taken to research and share posts.

We strongly recommend use of social media management platforms. Without them, you will struggle to find the time and consistency required to succeed on social media.

There are literally hundreds of SMMPs available, so the selecting the right one can be a little daunting. The key things to consider are:

  • functionality (such as the ability to schedule posts);
  • your budget (not all platforms are free);
  • reporting features;
  • ease of use; and
  • how frequently you will use the platform.

There are different types of SMMPs: –

  1. Native – these are built in to a particular social media network – eg Twitter Analytics
  1. Third-Party – these platforms range between free/inexpensive to approximately $1,000 per month, and vary considerably in functionality. Some of these tools allow scheduling (i.e. setting a specific date and time for a post in the future) and posting directly to your social media profile, whereas others only supply metrics. By using one tool for all reporting, it can be much easier and faster for businesses to obtain and analyse cross-platform metrics. An example of this type of SMMP is Hootsuite which allows users to connect up to three social media channels for free (or more for a cost) and schedule posts months in advance. It also incorporates a ‘Suggestion’ tool that suggests third party content that users can share with their networks.
  1. Enterprise-level Platforms – enterprise-level platforms are priced at around $1,000 or higher per month, and are typically used by medium to large organisations who deal with a higher level of complexity.

Are you managing your social media marketing across multiple networks? Are you using a Social Media Management Platform?

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