Course Category: Community Services

Study via Subscription

Subscription…the most flexible way to get qualified or stay current! Why limit yourself to a single qualification when you can access content from 30+ qualifications? Why commit to full upfront enrolments when you could pay a monthly subscription which can be cancelled anytime without penalty? Content includes Professional Development topics plus subjects mapped to Certificates and Diploma’s….you have access to […]

NDIS Master Class

Develop the skills and access the tools required to successfully provide frontline services to NDIS participants.

CHCSS00087 Risk Management Skill Set

This course will enhance your existing knowledge in the areas of Managing Risk, Managing Legal and Ethical Compliance and also how to Manage Work Health and Safety. You will learn to identify and evaluate risks, establish the risk context and then select and implement treatments. You’ll also learn how to undertake research relating to legal compliance, […]

CHCSS00080 Induction to Leisure and Health

Grow your career opportunities through the CHCSS00080 Induction to Leisure and Health Skill Set. The skills and knowledge gained from completing the CHCSS00080 Induction to Leisure and Health will enable you to provide quality of life opportunities to individuals who experience barriers to participation in recreation and leisure. By completing this Skill Set, you will […]

CHCSS00069 Advocacy Skill Set

Learn how to represent the needs of others by completing the CHCSS00069 Advocacy Skill Set. This course will enhance and consolidate your existing community services skills and knowledge with a specific focus on assisting clients to identify their rights and needs. You’ll learn how to represent and advocate on behalf of clients, assisting them to voice […]

CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set

Learn more about the Community Services Industry and how to assist others by completing the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set. This will provide you with an introduction to the Community Services Industry, an insight into how you can help the disadvantaged by joining the industry and the various job positions and career pathways that are available.

CHCSS00081 Induction to Disability Skill Set

If you are passionate about working with people with disabilities, want a fulfilling career and want to make a difference to the quality of a person’s life, now is the time to start your studies with the CHCSS00081 Induction to Disability Skill Set This course will provide you with exposure to the Disability Sector within […]

CHCSS00073 Case Management Skill Set

Enhance your community services career by completing the CHCSS00073 Case Management Skill Set. This course will enhance and consolidate your existing skills and knowledge and expand the likely range of case management positions you could hold within the community services sector. You will learn skills including undertaking the assessment of clients needs, coordinating complex case […]

CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling

Do you have a passion for supporting and listening to others? Enhance your interpersonal communication skills, counselling techniques and gain the knowledge required to work with a diverse range of clients in the community services industry.