CHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention

Make your mark by completing the CHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention.

You will gain the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively with a diverse range of clients in child protection and family intervention services. You will learn how to successfully manage all aspects of case management working under supervision or within a team environment, and provide support for children, youth and families that may be at risk.

Working in this field will provide opportunities to support children, youth and families shape their own lives and create a better future.

Support the vulnerable and help make a difference by completing the CHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention.

Do you have a passion for helping those less fortunate than you? Learn the skills needed to enhance the living and emotional circumstances of at-risk children, youth, and families and make your mark in the community.

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to work with a diverse range of clients and respond to varying degrees of families at risk.

Learn how to establish effective communication strategies, how to work with people with mental health issues, and how to build a professional practice. If you want to gain an excellent foundation for entering the Community Services & Counselling industry, this is the course for you.

You will also learn to:

  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Respond to and support client needs
  • Respond to complex trauma and attachment issues
  • Promote child protection
  • Implement effective case management
  • Work with diverse people
  • Work with people who have a history of mental health issues
  • Ensure legal and ethical compliance
  • Practice professional reflection

Career Opportunities:

Community Services is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia with an estimated 50,000+ new jobs to be created within the industry by 2020. Some of our articles discussing job opportunities in the sector include “Support and Lead Colleagues in Case Management Practice“, “Want to Start a Career in Community Services?” or “Working in the Community Services sector- the diversity of roles“.

  • Family Support Officer
  • Community Support Worker
  • Crisis Counsellor
  • Housing Officer

University Articulation

Australis has partnered with Griffith University to create an articulation agreement for credit in the Bachelor of Child and Family Studies (60 cps) and Bachelor of Human Services (60 cps).

View the agreement here. Entry is subject to Griffith University standards.

Australis has partnered with USQ to create an articulation agreement for credit in the Bachelor of Human Services(Child and Family Studies) (8 units).

View the agreement here. Entry is subject to USQ standards.

How do I Enrol?

Our enrolment process is easy! You can enrol any time and start studying shortly after enrolment. To enrol:

  • Phone 1300 887 991 and our Course Consultants will answer your questions and complete the enrolment or Subscription process with you, or
  • Online full course enrolment by filling out our Application Form, or
  • For subscription, Subscribe now to gain immediate access.
  • For Corporate (10+ enrolments), contact our Enterprise team on 0411 597 927 or enter your details here.

You may be required to provide completed documentation and Identification to complete your enrolment. Depending on your circumstances you may also be required to supply copies of previous qualifications, Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, or complete a Core Skills assessment to help ensure the course is suitable for you.

Please find more information regarding VSL enrolments please refer to Student Entry Procedure for VET Student Loans.

Entry Requirements

There are no general entry requirements to enrol in this course.

To work in Community Services you will typically require a police check, and possibly a Working with Children or Blue Card. While not required to enrol in the course, these may be required for placement (depending on where you locate your placement) and eventual employment so we recommend you confirm your status prior to enrolment if you have any concerns.

Practical Placement

To be assessed as competent in this qualification you must complete 100 hours of suitable placement with children, youth and/or families. It is your responsibility to source your placement, however, the College will provide support where possible.

Depending on where you undertake your placement you may need to undergo a police check and hold a Working with Children or Blue Card.

Course Accreditation

The CHC50313 Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

Professional Development

This course can be undertaken by subscribing to the Australis Community Services Subscription Program for Professional Development purposes in which case you simply learn the course materials, however, do not complete the assessments.

Delivery & Support

This course’s delivery method is via Blended Delivery.

The program is delivered primarily online, which includes live online sessions. These “virtual” classrooms and chat sessions provide direct regular access to industry experts and other learners. Attendance at live sessions is usually optional but strongly recommended.

Course Duration

Your initial enrolment provides access to the course for 18 months.

Your actual completion time will vary depending on how much time you commit to your study and what knowledge you already have. If you require longer than 18 months you can apply to re-enrol in the subjects you did not complete via our unique monthly Rolling Re-enrolment option (additional fees apply).

There is no set duration for students who access the course via Subscription/Per Subject.

Payment Options

The course fee depends on which option you choose from below:

Option 1: Subscription/Per Subject

Pay a low monthly fee to access ALL our Community courses. This fee, which you can cancel anytime, is either:

  • $16+gst per month for ‘Content Only’ or
  • $46+gst per month for ‘Content + Support‘.

You then simply pay a per subject assessment fee when you submit assessments. Your total course cost is, therefore, the subscription cost (for however long you subscribe) plus the assessment cost (for whichever subjects you actually submit). Subject assessment fees are listed here.

Click here to SUBSCRIBE now or for more information either click here or call our Course Consultants on 1300 887 991.

Option 2: Queensland State Subsidy

The Queensland Government will, for eligible Queensland residents, subsidise your course fee. This will reduce your enrolment cost down to only:

  • $80 for concession card holders, via an interest-free payment plan of 2 x monthly payments of $40 per month.
  • $160 for non-concession, via an interest-free payment plan of 2 x monthly payments of $80 per month.

For more details on QLD Higher Level Skills, including eligibility requirements, click here or call our Course Consultants on 1300 887 991.

For Corporate (10+ enrolments), contact our Enterprise team on 0411 597 927 or enter your details here.

Option 3: Full Fee

$8,910 payable via the following options:

1 – Monthly Payment Plan with Australis College

An interest-free payment plan of $495 per month for 18 months = $8,910. Click here to find out more about Payment Plans.

2 – VET Student Loan from the Commonwealth Government

$8,910 tuition + 20% Government loan fee = $10,692. This course is available under the VET Student Loans scheme effective from 1st January 2017, therefore is subject to eligibility and entry criteria. VET Student Loans are not approved for students that do not meet eligibility requirements. VET Student Loans result in a VETSL debt, are a loan from the Australian Government and continues to be a debt until repaid to the Commonwealth.

3 – Private Student Loan from ‘Study Loans’

Study Loans will progressively loan you the $8,910 tuition fee. This loan, plus interest, needs to be repaid over a maximum 4-year term. Click here to find out more about Study Loans.

For Corporate (10+ enrolments), contact our Enterprise team on 0411 597 927 or enter your details here.

Assessment Only / Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Your work and life experiences are valuable. So valuable, in fact, they may reduce the time and cost for you to attain a qualification.

If you have existing skills and knowledge you may be able to undertake Assessment Only for some or all of the subjects. This means you just do the assessments for those subjects without any study. Subject assessment fees are listed here.

For more information about Assessment Only call 1300 887 991 to speak with our Course Consultants.

Course Brochure

You can download the course brochure by clicking here.