CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set

Learn more about the Community Services Industry and how to assist others by completing the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set.

This will provide you with an introduction to the Community Services Industry, an insight into how you can help the disadvantaged by joining the industry and the various job positions and career pathways that are available.

Make a change today and learn new skills by completing the Nationally Recognised CHCSS00088 Induction.

This skill set has been developed for anyone without existing experience or qualifications in community services or health sector roles and is seeking to enter the industry.

Course Support

This is an interactive course and also includes extensive trainer support from industry experts to help you achieve your goals.

You will have the chance to attend weekly live online classes and also live chat sessions. During these, you will learn additional skills that will either clarify or enhance your learning from the course.

These weekly live classes and chat sessions will also give you the chance to ask questions and also interact with fellow students.

In this Skill Set you’ll learn to

  • Communicate effectively with people
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Address constraints to communication
  • Report problems to supervisors
  • Complete workplace correspondence and documentation
  • Work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Promote understanding across diverse groups
  • Follow safe work practices for direct client care, manual handling and infection control
  • Contribute to safe work practices in the workplace
  • Reflect on own safe work practices
  • Develop strategies to manage personal stress
  • Implement stress management strategies
  • Evaluate stress-reducing strategies

Induction Career Opportunities

The Community Services industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australis with an estimate of over 50,000 new jobs to be created within the industry by 2023 (Source: joboutlook.gov.au). There are also many job options in the community services sector. For more information about some of these and more you can read our articles  “Want to Start a Career in Community Services?” or “Working in the Community Services sector- the diversity of roles“.

Job Roles include:

  • Community Support Worker
  • Children’s Service Worker
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Family Support Officer
  • Welfare Rights Worker
  • Community Education Worker

Community Services Qualification Pathways

By completing the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set, you will also have the option of continuing to complete the following courses through Australis. The number of Units of Competency required to complete these courses will likely be reduced as they may contain one or more of the four Units you will complete during this course. This will enable you to apply these credits to these courses, therefore, reducing the total number of units you need to complete, which will reduce the tuition fees and study time required to achieve them.


The CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set runs for 4 months but you can complete faster than this if you wish.

Delivery & Support

The CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set is delivered entirely online via e-learning, recorded videos, links and downloadable tools and activities. In addition, you can attend optional periodic online group chat sessions hosted by Australian Industry experienced trainers and assessors.

Learners are required to have a supervisor in their community services/health field sign their third party assessments to confirm tasks are performed in the workplace.


There are 4 subjects in the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set.


There are no exams in the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set.

You test your learning by completing quiz questions and open book self-paced assessment activities throughout each subject. All subjects include a free re-submission if you are not successful on your first attempt.

You may also complete a range of ‘on the job’ workplace-based assessments during your course.

If you already have the skills and knowledge required to attain any (or all) of these subjects, you might like to enrol as ‘Assessment Only’. This Recognition of Prior Learning means you don’t have to study those subjects again, instead just doing the assessments for a reduced course price. For more details please speak with the Course Consultants.

Skill Set Requirements

The CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set has been endorsed by the industry as suitable for individuals who are new workers to the Community Services Industry

Additional Requirements

We recommend you have language, literacy and numeracy skills sufficient to allow you to interpret documents and prepare written reports while completing the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set.

You need access to an internet-connected computer for the duration of the course.

If you intend to apply for a Loan or Funding option (where available) to pay for your tuition fees, additional entry criteria may apply as detailed in the Pricing Options.

Option 1: Monthly Payment Plan

An interest-free payment plan of $375 per month x 4 months = $1,500.

Option 2: Corporate

For group enrolments please call our Corporate team on 0438 099 041 or enter your details here and we will get back to you.

Or for something completely different…Subscription

Australis is the only place you can access Subscription, the lowest risk and most flexible way there is to get qualified or stay current. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Reasons to study the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set with Australis College include:

Course Content

We wrote the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set course ourselves, authored by practitioners who are not just qualified trainers but who have worked in various case management and community services roles for many years.

Always check out the course content (and learning platform) BEFORE you enrol. Is it current, contextualised and engaging, or generic off the shelf content? Content quality will make or break your learning experience.

Trainer Experience

Our trainers work in the industry. They do what you want to do, and they will show you how it really works. (Check out the trainers and assessors of other providers, make sure they are not just academics or former students but have actually worked in the industry and been everything from Support Officers through to Case Managers).

Having a great trainer is critical to graduating with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

But wait….there’s more!

Your time and your career are too important to risk with the wrong training provider. For more details on choosing a training provider for the CHCSS00088 Induction Skill Set, please also take a look at Why Australis?