ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development

Develop the skills to design, build and maintain beautiful and responsive websites using the latest web technologies by completing the ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development.

Please note, this course version needs to be completed by December 31st 2021 due to changes announced for this training package by the National Regulator.

Websites are a critical component of modern business and with the explosive growth in e-business will only become more so. Because of this, the industry’s need for skilled web developers remains high and will continue to increase.

Website development is not just a technical field, but also encourages and rewards creative expression. Web developers are like artists, providing for the functionality and attractiveness of a website, to draw the online customer in and help maintain their loyalty – all critical elements within e-business.

You will learn to

  • How to liaise with a client on project scoping and briefs.
  • Web design fundamentals.
  • Building and coding a website.
  • Testing protocols.
  • Deploying a mobile responsive website.

Use the knowledge you gain to build your website, or you can work independently or as part of a web team to build sites for clients.

Career Information

Website Development offers employment in a range of roles in virtually any industry. We have listed just a few roles below.

  • Web Developer
  • Database Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Architect
  • SEO Specialist
  • Web Project Manager

University Pathways

Completion of the Australis College ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development may provide 60 credit points for 25% of a Bachelor of Computer Science or 15% of a Bachelor of Computer Science/Master of Technology with Charles Darwin University.

Completion of the Australis College ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development may provide up to 40 credit points towards a Bachelor of Information Technology with Griffith University.


All assessments need to be submitted by December 1st 2021, and graduation must take place by no later than December 31st 2021.

If you have not graduated by December 31st 2021 but still wish to, you will need to transfer to the new training package (costs will apply).

Course duration is 18 months.

Delivery & Support

The course is delivered online and can be commenced anytime.

Support is provided via live online chat sessions and ‘virtual’ classrooms, providing you with direct access to industry experts and other students. Attendance at live sessions is optional but strongly recommended.


There are 11 subjects in the ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development, covering 20 units of competency.


There are no exams. Instead, you test your learning by completing quiz questions and open book self-paced assessment activities throughout each subject. All full course enrolments include free re-submissions if you are not successful on your first attempt.

Entry Requirements

There are no minimum education requirements however we recommend you have:

  • familiarity with using computers
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills sufficient to allow you to interpret documents, prepare written reports and write content.

If you intend to apply for a Government Loan or State funding (where available) to pay for your tuition fees, additional entry criteria may apply as detailed in the Pricing Options.

Computer Requirements

You need access to an internet-connected computer for the duration of the course. The computer must meet the following minimum specifications:

Windows Users:

Operating System:

  • Windows 8 / 10 / Vista or later


  • Min 4GB RAM, (8GB recommended)
  • 1.4 GB of Hard Disk space
  • Screen with min resolution of 1280 x 800


Operating System:

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later


  • Min 4GB RAM, (8GB recommended)
  • 1.4 GB of Hard Disk space
  • Screen with min resolution of 1280 x 800


Operating System:

  • GNOME or KDE desktop
  • GNU C Library (glibc) 2.15 or later


  • Min 4GB RAM, (8GB recommended)
  • 1.4 GB of Hard Disk space
  • Screen with min resolution of 1280 x 800


Two textbooks are required for this subject. You can borrow these from a library/co-op, or access them online for as little as $9 in total (that’s for both, not each).

** Text books are included for QLD funded students.

Option 1: Payment Plan

Interest-free payment plans from as little as $64 per week. Discounts apply for upfront payments and/or group enrolments. For more details, click here.

Option 2: Queensland State Subsidy

The Queensland Government will, for eligible Queensland residents, subsidise your course fee. You will be required to pay a co-contribution fee and if eligible, this will reduce your enrolment fee down to only:

  • For concession cardholders: $20
  • For non-concession applicants: $40

For more on QLD Higher Level Skills, including eligibility requirements, click here or call our Course Consultants on 1300 887 991. A copy of the Higher Level Skills Student Fact Sheet can also be found here.

For more information on QLD Higher Level Skills tuition schedules, click here.

Option 3: Study Loan

Study Loans (a private lender), will progressively loan you the tuition fee. The loan, plus interest, is repaid over a maximum 4-year term, from as little as $38 per week. For more details, click here.

Or for something completely different…Subscription

Australis is the only place you can access Subscription, the lowest risk and most flexible way there is to get qualified or stay current. For more details, click here.

How to Enrol

You may be required to provide completed documentation and Identification to complete your enrolment. Depending on your circumstances you may also be required to supply copies of previous qualifications, Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, or complete a Core Skills assessment to help ensure the course is suitable for you.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you believe you already have the knowledge required to attain some (or all) of the subjects of the ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development, then you may be able to save yourself some effort and money by doing ‘Assessment Only’ for those subjects.

This is where you complete the same Assessments as if you were doing the course, but without the study. As this is an individual process, please speak with our Course Consultants for more details.

Reasons to study the ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development with Australis College include:

Course Content

We author our own content, written by experienced industry-proven practitioners who have successfully done what you are studying to do.

Always check out the course content (and learning platform) BEFORE you enrol. Is it current, contextualised and engaging, or generic off the shelf content? Content quality will make or break your learning experience.

Trainer Experience

Our ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development trainers and assessors are all industry experienced practitioners, and along with our student support team are all based right here in Australia. We do not offshore our support services.


Our Diploma of Website Development has been approved for providing credit towards Degrees such as Charles Darwin’s Bachelor of Computer Science and Master of Technology, and Griffith University’s Bachelor of Information Technology.

Check the other provider’s articulation agreements. Have they been reviewed and quality approved by a University?

But wait….there’s more!

Your time and your career are too important to risk with the wrong training provider. For more details on choosing a training provider, please also check out Why Australis?