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Subscription…the most flexible way to attain a qualification from our Community Services Faculty

Why limit yourself to a single qualification when you can access content from all our Community and Counselling qualifications?

Why commit to a full upfront enrolment when you can instead pay a monthly access fee which can be cancelled anytime without penalty?

Choose your support level. Go it alone with ‘Content Only’ from only $16+gst per month, or for about $1 extra a day access ‘Content + Support’ with regular live online sessions facilitated by Australian Industry experts. Imagine having an expert on hand to train, guide and mentor you! And don’t’ worry if you are not sure which option is best for you, as you can switch any time.

Assessments are optional. Only pay Assessment fees for the subjects you actually submit, when you submit them…NO tight deadlines or extension fees. Complete all the required subjects and get the qualification, and with credit transfers achieving multiple qualifications has never been easier.

There’s no better way to access content and support than via Intellitrain Subscription, and when combined with ‘Per Subject’ Assessments, there is no better way to gain formal Qualifications.

For more information, including the CHC per subject assessment prices, please click HERE.

Subscribe Now or click here for more details, or call us on 1300 887 991.

Benefits of Subscription

  • NO upfront commitments, minimum terms or expensive loans
  • Cancel anytime without penalty
  • NO extension fees or deadlines
  • NO paying for subjects or services you don’t want or need
  • Flexibility…in what you study, when you study, what you pay
  • Only pay assessment fees for subjects you want formal recognition for
  • Only pay for assessments if/when you submit them
  • Save potentially thousands per qualification

For Subscription Terms & Conditions please click here.

NOTE: The Intellitrain Subscription program is owned and operated by Intellitrain Solutions Pty Ltd, a partner business of Australis College. Students are only enrolled with Australis College or other approved Registered Training Organisations if/when the per subject assessment fee is paid.