NDIS Master Class

NDIS job roles

Develop the skills and access the tools required to successfully provide frontline services to NDIS participants.

This course is a collection of learning modules designed to assist frontline workers build and maintain an applied knowledge of the NDIS, understand roles and responsibilities, and work from a human rights-based approach.

The content has been developed by Australis College in collaboration with industry professionals to bring frontline workers a holistic and interactive online learning experience.

You will learn to:

  • Navigate the NDIS and NDIA
  • Identify NDIS eligibility and access potential
  • Define roles and responsibilities of NDIS Support Coordinators
  • Identify roles and responsibilies of NDIS Support Workers
  • Determine decision making righst with NDIS participants
  • Understand NDIS budget supports and categories
  • Produce NDIS Management Plans including Self Management, Agency Management and Combination Management styles
  • Provide positive behavior support according to individualised support behavior plans
  • Develop collaboration strategies and develop networks
  • Navigate NDIS policy and principals
  • Implement professional practice, avoid burnout and identify supports

Career Information

The NDIS Master Class can provide employment tools relevant to a range of roles in the Community Services and Disability sector. We have listed a few below, but this course is useful to all frontline workers providing services and support to NDIS participants, their families and carers .

  • Support Workers
  • Support Co ordinators
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Advocates
  • Service Delivery Managers


The course runs for 6 months but you can complete faster than this if you wish.

Delivery & Support

The course is delivered online and can be commenced anytime.

Support is provided via live online chat sessions and monthly online Community Practice ‘virtual’ classrooms, providing you with direct access to industry experts and other students. Community of Practice sessions provide a space to learn and develop industry knowledge, skills and practices together. Attendance at live sessions is optional but strongly recommended.


There are 7 subjects covering 54 topics in Unpacking the NDIS

The course content has been developed by Australis College in collaboration with industry professionals to bring frontline workers industry current learning materials and resources.


There are no exams.

You test your learning by completing online quizzes and test your knowledge questions at the end of each subject. All subjects include a free re-submission if you are not successful on your first attempt.

You need access to an internet-connected computer for the duration of the course.

There are no minimum education requirements however we recommend you have language, literacy and numeracy skills sufficient to allow you to interpret documents, prepare written reports and prepare budget spreadsheets.

Option 1: Upfront Payment

An upfront payment of $450 + GST = $495.

Enrol and pay now: https://www.intellitrainsolutions.online/pages/ndis-unpacked

Option 2: Monthly Payment Plan

A payment plan of $90 per month for 6 months = $495.

Enrol and pay now: https://www.intellitrainsolutions.online/pages/ndis-unpacked

Option 3: Corporate

For group enrolments please call our Enterprise team on 0438 099 041 or enter your details here and we will get back to you.

Reasons to undertake the NDIS Master Class with Australis College include:

Course Content

This program has been put together by a number of industry experts as well as the team at Australis College. It is current, relevant and real-world!

Always check out the course content (and learning platform) BEFORE you enrol. Is it current, contextualised and engaging, or generic off the shelf content? Content quality will make or break your learning experience.

But wait….there’s more!

Your time and your career are too important to risk with the wrong training provider. For more details on choosing a training provider, please also take a look at Why Australis?