Information Communication and Technology Careers Careers

The information, communication and technology (ICT) industry are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. A large majority of businesses now rely on computer technology and online systems as part of their everyday business operations, making information technology job opportunities seemingly endless.

The department of employment proposes strong growth for ICT jobs, with a 12.8% increase in the number of jobs by 2018. The highest growth in Australia is expected for computer network professionals with a 20.5% predicted increase in jobs by 2018.

Another huge area of growth in the IT sector is app development for smart devices. Over 300 apps are launched each day – that’s over 109,000 new apps each year that need to be developed and coded. According to the Apple website, 625,000 US jobs have been created by the IOS App store to date.

Website developers make up another large group within the IT job industry. There are already approximately 148,000 website development jobs in the US alone, and there is predicted to be a 27% increase in job growth by 2024.

So far, Australis College offers two leading IT courses – Diploma of Website Development (ICT50615) and Diploma of Software Development (ICT50715)

Potential careers for students studying these diplomas include:

  • Software Developer
  • Website Developer/Coder
  • App Developer

The average salaries for these occupations in the US are:

  • Software Developer $90,000 p/a
  • Website Developer/Coder $92,000 p/a
  • App Developer $94,000 p/a