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Information Technology Courses

Technology and computer skills are necessary for all employees today. Even if the career you desire does not revolve around computers, your daily activities will most likely require access to Information and Communications tools to accomplish tasks and process the information need for your job.

Some of the exciting careers within the Information, Communication and Technology field include Software Development, Mobile App Development and Design, Systems Analysis, Project Management, Web Development and more.

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Get started with an information technology qualification.

Information Technology is an exciting industry, and the Australis College Faculty of IT is an innovative approach to delivering IT learning for the new millennium.


Graduates from our IT Faculty will gain broad skills enabling them to launch into the industry as an IT Consultant, a member of an IT firm or agency, or within an IT department at a large organisation. Alternatively, graduates may start their own Mobile App business development company.

IT Hiring and Career trends:

App development is one of the hottest growth categories in the U.S. labour market, with real income growth to match.

  • 627,000: Number of U.S. jobs created by the iOS App Store to date – Source www.apple.com
  • 110: Percentage job growth for Android developers between 2012 and 2014 – Source www.apple.com
  • 54: Percentage job growth for iOS developers between 2012 and 2014 – Source mashable.com
  • 43: Percentage of enterprise app developers who currently earn at least $120,000 per year – Source www.developereconomics.com

Meet the Head of our Information Technology Faculty

Rebecca England - Information Technology FacultyRebecca England has over 15 years’ experience teaching in both the Higher Education and TAFE sectors; and has worked as a freelance web developer.

She is an experienced program leader, course developer and both a face-to-face and online learning facilitator whom for many years has taught multiple programming languages, mobile app development, and web design and development.

With a degree in Computer Science and a Masters by Research in Information Technology, Rebecca has long been an advocate for introducing the principles of coding to school children and also for encouraging young females to consider ICT as a career option. She remains fascinated with writing code and has a genuine interest in education.

Rebecca’s expertise in her rapidly changing field, enhances our Software Development course. By studying at Australis College, you will gain broad skills enabling you develop your own application, begin your career as an IT Consultant, become a member of an IT firm or agency, or within an IT department at a large organisation.